Woman cliff jumping from a high cliff into sea at Porth Dafarch


jumping into the water from leadge Coasteering jump making a big splash in the wather Two kid Coasteering on ledge avoiding water Little child take his first Coasteering jump into the sea Womain performs Coasteering jump with arms folded
A combination of the best of rock and water based activities, Coasteering offers an exhilarating and adrenaline packed day and, arguably, the coolest way to experience Anglesey’s incredible coastline.

Guided by one of our highly qualified instructors, you’ll make your way around the stunning sea cliffs, scramble across the barnacle-covered rocks and explore the bio-diverse sea caves. Then, in an impressive feat of mind over matter, you’ll leap into the sea below. Here, spurred on by the adrenaline and excitement surging through you, you’ll swim to the next cliff, taking on swirling pools, yawns in the cliffs and higher and higher jumps.

Coasteering with Anglesey Outdoors is both a challenge and a thrill and is sure to be the highlight of your trip.

*All activities are subject to weather conditions.

Large Coasteering group run into the sea at Porth Dafarch to acclimatize to the conditions
Small boy takes a jump into sea Father and son standing on rock and waves lap at their feet
Man appears to be levitating as he jumps off a cliff Large Coasteering stag do party taking a group photo upon a rocky outcrop
Man with pink helmet performs an epic Coasteering cliff jump into the sea below
father and on get hit by a wave Coasteering group after a jump in white frothy water
A group of kids enjoy traversing rocks on their Coasteering trip A big jump off a rock
Large Coasteering group jumps together holding hands off a cliff edge

National Coasteering Charter The Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) The Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) The Institute for Outdoor Learning UK Canyon Guides (UKCG)

5 out of 5

“an awesome start to our holiday!”

Coasteering fun!! Amazing experience clambering up and then jumping off rocks on the Anglesey coast! Our guide Ewen knew all the best places to go, including some cool caves and semi-submerged crevices for us to explore before jumping higher and higher (but not too high) into the sea below! Great equipment (very warm wetsuits) and a guide that really knew his stuff meant we had an awesome start to our holiday!
Reviewed by (anonymous) - August 2020
5 out of 5

“Had an absolutely brilliant time”

Visited in September for coasteering with a group of guys. Had an absolutely brilliant time. We were all a little apprehensive before hand. However, once on the activity we felt safe and well guided. Greg our instructor was very professional and motivating. Couldn’t have wished for a better activity in a better location. Hope to visit again in the future for some more sea based fun.
Ps the cake and tea was a lovely touch afterwards.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - September 2020
5 out of 5

“What a buzz jumping off progressively higher rocks”

We loved coasteering. Compared to the cloudy, windy weather we left behind on the north east side of the island, the shelter provided by the rocks off Porth Dafarch beach was a very welcome surprise. The sun even came out for us to best show off the impressive rock formations and turquoise waters. Our instructor was James and he was great. Knowledgeable, thoughtful and encouraging. Thank you James. We felt totally safe and looked after. What a buzz jumping off progressively higher rocks and bobbing around in the water. The equipment and changing facilities provided were just what we needed. I didn't feel cold once! The tea and delicious homemade cakes afterwards were an unexpected bonus. We would love to come again.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - September 2020
5 out of 5

“The best time... EVER!”

The best time... EVER! We were staying in Wales and looking for some fun things for our boys to do (aged 13 and 15). They both love rock climbing and swimming so this is ideal as combined the two!

When looking to book, we realised would need an adult. Both my wife and I were hesitant about doing it. We realised that cost wise we might as well just both, go so no getting out of it for either of us!

We shouldn't have worried, we had the best time ever, the whole family had a blast and we were buzzing afterwards. James and Gemma both made us feel very welcome and safe throughout and they were really supportive at every stage. We worked at a pace that was comfortable to the whole group (usually meant waiting for me!).

The kit we were equipped with was great, including gloves if needed. After a short walk we were there at the beach.

We learnt how to do different types of jumps - shallow ones where there are rocks down below (belly flop!), ones where you had to take a step out to avoid rocks hanging out, high jumps, went into the "washing machine" and the "hot tub" in a cave and clambered through a crack in the rocks to a different pool of water.

It was terrifying, but exhilarating as well. If you didn't want to do a jump it was fine, but we did them all and had sooooo much fun, we all want to come back again.

When we got back there was tea and homemade cakes including what one of my sons said was the best chocolate brownie he had tasted ever, plus delicious flapjacks.

If I could give a higher rating than a 5 then I would. If you are sitting there reading this review wondering if you should do it... Then don't wonder anymore, just book! Anglesey Outdoors were very professional and made us feel so safe throughout thanks so much James and Gemma for a funtastic morning.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - August 2020
5 out of 5

“everyone left knowing that they had achieved something special”

Probably the best 3 hour activity the family experienced together. Looking for different activities to do whilst my kids were with me from Suffolk, my fiancee suggested Coasteering. Not having done the activity before but having an understanding it far outweighed my expectations. From arrival, we were made to feel extremely welcome by the staff and nothing was too much trouble. It was probably the best 3 hour activity tha the kids and I had done together and was excellent value for money. Our instuctor, Iwan was nothing short of excellent and facilitated fun for everyone from the most confident to the most nervous and ensured that everyone left knowing that they had achieved something special, which as an instructor myself I know is a exceptional talent. I would recommend this activity to anyone.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - August 2020
5 out of 5

“I would thoroughly recommend Anglesey Outdoors to anyone”

Excellent and challenging fun for all. Coasteering - wonderful experience. Our instructor Rich was very knowledgeable, taking time to get to know each group member and encouraging everyone through those aspects they found difficult. We had a mixed group of adults and children and he pitched his instructions well for all members.
The coasteering was fun, the wetsuits were thick so you didn’t feel the cold and there were good challenges, high and low jumps into the sea and some scrambling through crevices in the cliffs. Also lots of education on how to do higher jumps safely and with correct technique. An excellent activity for all ages and I would thoroughly recommend Anglesey Outdoors to anyone who wants to try something a little different.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - August 2020
5 out of 5

“best experiences ever”

We had an amazing experience with Greg who was passionate and professional throughout in his delivery, he made it fun and exciting. Greg also had an in-depth knowledge of sea creatures and what the dangers were, this was one of the best experiences ever all thanks to Greg, a credit to Anglesey Outdoors.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5

“forever memorable and fascinating”

Our instructor’s knowledge and understanding of the ocean and its creatures made it a forever memorable and fascinating afternoon.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5

“Enjoyed the whole experience”

Enjoyed the whole experience but particularly the way in which all members of the party were treated by our two leaders.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5

“We were impressed”

We were impressed with the level of tutor passion & experience for activity along with embracing elements in an exciting & constructive manner. Also, our instructor’s awareness & local knowledge of sea life was unsurpassed.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5

“enjoyed every minute of it”

Beautiful day with beautiful weather. Amazing location and enjoyed every minute of it. The students loved it!!!
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5

“options for people with different abilities”

I appreciated that there were options for people with different abilities and that there were routes for people varying in difficulty.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5

“really enjoyed all of it”

It was brilliant both myself and my daughter really enjoyed all of it but jumping from the rocks was particularly good fun!
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5

“patient and professional”

This is the second time we are using Anglesey outdoors. Our group had young kids and the instructors were patient and professional and guided us safely. Thanks for the wonderful experience.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5

“instructors were great”

Our instructors were great and pitched the activity and pace just right for such a mixed group.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5

“Great friendly experience”

Great friendly experience. We appreciated the opportunity to "explore" parts of my home coastline that I had not previously visited.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5

“My daughter... wants to know when we are going again!”

Well organized trip. The less confident in the group were helped and encouraged and there was always an alternative route to be taken. My daughter is still buzzing and wants to know when we are going again! Proud dad! Thanks again.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5

“Staff were brilliant”

Staff were brilliant and engaged well with our boys. They made the trip really exciting.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5

“It was great fun”

We were made to feel special. It was great fun.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5

“top drawer”

Offering a family discount is a great idea-it made the difference in choosing you over your competitors. We had a great day, your instructors were top drawer keep up the good work!
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5

“see you all next year!!!!”

We had an amazing time, cannot put into words how fantastic this place is...see you all next year!!!!
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5

“would definitely do this again!!!”

Friendly instructors very informative would definitely do this again!!!
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5

“such a nice little bay”

It was nice that such a nice little bay is right next to the site.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5

“huge adrenaline rush”

Coasteering was my favourite activity. It pushed my fear to the point where there was just this huge adrenaline rush before I jumped. There was no pressure at all to do the big jumps you could jump from high up or from lower down, you always had the opportunity to do so. I really enjoyed my stay and would definitely stay again.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5

“bringing more groups here in the future”

We will be bringing more groups here in the future, cannot believe we did not know about it before hand! Fantastic place.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5

“exciting, fun and interesting”

Greg is very experienced and professional. He is also very personable with a good sense of humour and my children and I very quickly had full trust in Greg and in the activities which were exciting, fun and interesting.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5

“I definitely would recommend this place”

Very good fun, I overcame several challenges including: jumping into the open sea, swimming in the open sea, and climbing along high rocks/cliffs etc. Although I didn't complete coasteering, I was delighted that I had managed to get as far as I did. I definitely would recommend this place to other people. The campsite was very nice too. This place I would say has either been my best or at least my second best all time Scout Camp I've ever been on. Thanks to all the instructors who helped me and encouraged me to do my best.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017


  • All prices include VAT at 20%


Oh yes! The wettest of them all. But fear not, we will kit you out with winter weight wetsuits, even in the summer. This means you’ll be nice and toasty in and out of the water and the cold won’t get in the way of having a brilliant time.


Nope, the great thing about Coasteering is that it’s challenge by choice. Most of the time you can swim past a challenge if it’s not for you, though you’ll have more fun giving things a go!


Some waves make it extra fun and add another element of challenge to the activity. If the sea gets too wild though we have a few options, we might go to another location that offers some shelter from the waves, or if it’s that wild we can’t do it we would make use of the big waves and go Boady Boarding, or do another activity of your choice. It’s pretty rare that we can’t coasteer though, especially in the summer months.


We are situated only a 5 min walk from one of the top coasteering spots in the country, and we're no more than a 5 minute drive away from a wide range of different spots for all abilities. Our staff know this coastline really well, so you'll get to do all the best bits! We use highly experienced staff, trained in a multitude of activities, they’re great fun, knowledgeable and really care about your safety. And to top it off, on your return you can get right into a hot shower and grab a drink or food at our on-site bar.


Our ‘local’ spot is a 5-minute walk away from the centre, meaning we can kit up at the centre then walk down there, and walk back once were done straight into the hot showers. If the sea or weather looks favorable in other spots we may travel a little further, no more than 10 minutes though generally.


We will provide you with a super warm winter wetsuit to keep you warm, a buoyancy aid, helmet and on a windy day a cagoule.

You would need to bring:
  • Shoes. These will obviously get wet. They need to be stiff soled and you need to be able to swim in them without them coming off! Stiff soles are really important as the sea cliffs are knobbly and you don’t want to feel all the knobbles through the sole of your shoe, so it needs to be robust. Jelly shoes, pumps, wetsuit boots and other floppy shoes are not suitable at all. Astroturf shoes are really slippery on wet rock so avoid them too. Your best bet is a good robust trainer shoe.
  • Long socks, the wetsuits will come down to your ankles, and there will usually be a gap between your shoe and the wetsuit, leaving ankles exposed. So you need to wear a long pair of socks to cover this area.
  • Baggy shorts to cover the wetsuit. You might look a bit like superman but when people move about with their bum on the rough rocks, our wetsuits get trashed, so we cover this area with shorts to save the kit. So don’t wear your very best ones.
  • Swimsuit. Wetsuits are worn next to skin, and definitely work best like this. You should only wear your swimming costume underneath, be it trunks, bikini or swimming costume. (Baggy shorts under a wetsuit aren’t ideal)
  • Towel. If we go local, you’ll need this once you’ve showered. If we travel in the car you’ll need a towel to get changed at the end. For outdoor changing bigger towels are better to cover up with.
  • Spare clothes for afterwards (if you arrive in swimming costumes, underwear etc).
  • Sun cream and any medication you would usually carry.


We offer Coasteering from April to November. We can do it outside of these times too but of course it will be much colder. We do give everyone full winter weight wetsuits year round (that's why we have a longer season than a lot of providers), but in the depths of winter there is a limit.... The sea tends to warm up throughout our operating season. Because we don't coasteer in stormy and wavy conditions, May to September are usually the best months.


Because of how close to the sea we are we tend to run these as half day sessions, which are 3 and a half hours long, which is plenty of time for a great session, any travel and changing. If you wanted a full day what we would do is the first half of the day sea level traversing and then finish the day with Coasteering.


Groups of 8 is what we work with. If we go for more than this, then we would get a second instructor. We run regular open sessions where you can sign up and participate with other likeminded people. Or if you prefer you can book private sessions which are great for family and friend groups.


Like all adventure activities, there is always an element of risk, otherwise it wouldn't be an adventure activity! By being accompanied by our highly experienced instructors, they will know how to manage these risks letting you get the most out of the session without compromising your safety. You'll be kitted up in good safety equipment, and the experience of your instructor will allow them to choose a suitable venue for the day. We are AALA licensed, meaning we meet and exceed very high standards of safety for adventurous activities.

National Coasteering Charter The Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) The Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) The Institute for Outdoor Learning UK Canyon Guides (UKCG)


Coasteering is suitable for most reasonably fit people who are happy to be in and around water. Swimming ability isn't crucial, as your in a wetsuit and a buoyancy aid which means you'll float no problem. There is nearly always an easier way around the challenges, so it is very much challenge by choice. We have had some super star 8 year olds coasteering with us, who have loved it, generally we would advise children aged 10 and older. For children aged 8 to 12 please choose "Family Coasteering" in the Shedule below as these sessions are tailored to younger children.


Please read through our Terms & Conditions


Click the "Book now" button to check availability / pricing or book your place on Coasteering today!

Should you require a private session just for your group please complete the booking enquiry form below.
Our private activity sessions are ideal for parties, stag and hen do's or corporate events. Special rates are available for school, scout groups or charitable organisations, contact us for details.

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01407 769 351 Office Open (9am - 6pm for general enquiries)
Send an e-mail  adventure@angleseyoutdoors.com

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